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Tibetan New Year Vacation

Tibetan New Year or Lossar is a one of the very special festival and during those days,they will spend 80% of incom from their different incom to celebrating the new year with their relatives,friends and neighours,from the frist day to fourth day of new year,they will gift the different presents to each other and hope that presents will bring many lucky things as per their wishes.
Those three regions will celebrating the Tibetan new year during the different time,Amdo and Kham mostly will follow the Chinese calender,Because of many reasons.
The Lhasa area will celebrating the new year according to Tibetan calender today. 

Tibetan New Year Vacation Tour Packages

Tibetan New Year 2011

Tibetan New Year 2011

Tibet Highland Expedition will deeply share the Tibetan New Year (Lossar in Tibetan) experience with our customers,Kham and Lhasa area celebrating the Tibetan new year fr

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