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Rafting & Hiking in Tibet

Tibet is known as "frist heaven on earth " or "The roof of the world" From most descriptions of Tibet it is hard to believe that Tibet is home to a large number of spectacular rivers. Mt Kailash, in the west of Tibet is the source of the subcontinent's four greatest rivers: the Ganges , Indus, Sutlej and Bramaputra. In the east, the forested land of Kham is home to the source of the Mekong and the Yangtse,Nomad land of Amdo is home to the source of the Yellow river, the 3 largest rivers in East Asia . In the summer months regular rains swell Tibet 's rivers and the result is a surprising number of world class rafting and kayaking rivers. Highland Expedition has pioneered rafting with trekking and yak skin boating trips across Tibet and has unique access to permits allowing guided rafting and boating trips.

Rafting & Hiking in Tibet Tour Packages

Rafting in Tibet

Rafting in Tibet

This is an 11-day rafting and hiking tour, including 3 days rafting and 2 days trekking around Reting monastery & Reting valley.

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