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Kashgar,Holy Mount Kailash to Lhasa Tour

Tibet Highland Expedition offers many different itineraries from Kashgar to Tibet (Lhasa), or Lhasa to Kashgar via Mt.Kailash and the Guge Kingdom. You can fly back to Beijing or travel through other borders such as the Torgat border.

This is a one of our special itinerary which we have been using for oversees clients for a couple of years.

Kashgar has a history of more than 2'000 years. the earlist reference appeared in Persian documents referring to an alliance of Tushlan tribes, who founded their capital here. Kashgar was posibly the first of the Buddhist kingdoms of the Tarim basin. In the second century AD, Hinayana Buddhism flourished here and continued to do so until the ninth or tenth century.

During this period Indian and Persian cultural influences were strong. Xuan Zang noted that the Kashgaris had green eyes-perhaps a reference to Aryan origins-and that for their writing they take their model from India....The disposition of the men is fierce and impetuous, and they are mostly false adn deceitful. They make light of decorum and politeness, and esteem learning but little.

In the first century AD, during the Han Dynasty, China lost its power over the Tarim Basin. The great General Ban Chao was dispatched to subdue the wild kingdoms of Silk Road that had aligned themselves with the Xiongnu against the Chinese. He took the kingdoms of Kashgar, Hetian and Loulan either by brute force or cunning strategy, installed pro-Chinese rulers and reopened the southern Silk Road to trade. Ban Chao remained in Chinese Central Asia for 31 years, crushing rebellions and establishing diplomatic relations with more than 50 states in the Western Regions. Accompanied by horsemen arrayed in bright red leather,he himself went as far west as Merv and made contacts with Parthia,Babylonia and Syria...Many more


Duration: 19days
Destination: Kashgar,Yecheng,Ali,Guge Kingdom,Mt.Kailash,Lhasa.
Maximum Altitude: 5500m
Best Season: Aprill,May,June,Aug,Sept,Oct,
Photo Spot: Monasteries and Bharkor,Yamdok Tso Lake,Mount Kailash,Lake Monasarovar.

Depart from your hotel to visit the Kashgar Sunday Bazaar?The market is a kind of agricultural market,that has expanded to include anything you can think of, including clothing, knives, and more.
As an expansion on the same theme, Kashgar is also home to a weekly Sunday Market that takes place on the northeastern outskirts of the city. Conservative estimates put that area at least 5,000 stalls that see traffic of around 100,000 people daily. Countless merchants from many parts of the world would go to Kashgar to trade and buy various wares so it was also known as "the pearl on the Ancient Silk Road". The goods available include pots and pans, arts and crafts, garments, knives, timber, coal, and animals.
After lunch at a local restaurant, visit the Kashgar Old Town. With a history of more than 2000 years, used to be a important hub on the Old Silk Road, Kashgar is the most westerly city in China. A visit to Kashgar is like going back in time, to the era of the Silk Road. The majority of the people in Kashgar are Uighurs who still wear their traditional costumes and lead a centuries old way of life. O/nt Kashgar Hotel

Kahsgar drive to Yecheng O/H Yecheng Hotel

Drive to Honglutang O/H Hotel

Day04:DUOMA 220KM
Drive to Duoma O/H GH

Day05:ALI 275KM
Drive to Ali O/H Ali Hotel

Drive to Guge Kingdom O/H GH

Drive to Darcheng O/H

Excursion around Mt.Kailash Base Camp O/H GH

Drive to Manasarovar Lake O/H GH

Drive to Paryang O/H GH

Day11:SAGA 255KM
Drive to Saga O/H GH

Day12:LHATSE 315KM
Drive to Lhatse O/H Guoliang Hotel

Drive to Rongbuk Monastery (where you can get wonderful view of Mt.Everest)

Drive to Shigatse O/H Hotel Manasarovar

Drive to Gyantse O/H Fort Hotel

Day16:LHASA 260KM
Drive to Lhasa O/H Shagnbala Hotel & Keychu Hotel

AM:Sera Monastery PM:Jokhang temple
Sera is the second biggest Gelupa Monastery in the north suburb of Lhasa, which was built in 1419 by Tsongapa's disciple Sakya-yeshi. Situated at the heart of the oldest section of the Lhasa city, Jokhang, one of the oldest temples in Tibet, was built in the 7th century by the 33rd king Sontsanganbu.
Barkor is the middle pilgrimage circuit around Jokhang temple.

AM:Potala Palace, PM:Jokhang and Norbulinka
Potala was the winter palace of the Dalailama, which was originally built in the 7th century by the king Sotsen Gampo and rebuilt to the present size by the 5th Dalai lama in the 17th century. Built in the mid-18th century by the 7th Dalailama, Norbulingka, the Jewel Park was the Dalai lama's summer palace, it covers 100 acres with palaces, pavilions and a zoo.
Drepung monastery; Built in1416 by Tsongapa's disciple Jamyang-choje, Drepung Monastery is the biggest Gelupa monastery in the west suburb of Lhasa.

Drive to Airport fly to Guanzhu
- Sightseeing tour in Lhasa city as per above programs.
- Land Transfer by TOYOTA Landcruiser & Deluxe bus.
- Tibet travel permit.
- Tibetan English speaking guide during the tour
- Twin sharing or Guesthhouses accommodation as pper the program
- Monasteries entrance and EBC/Pax and Landcruiser fees as per program
- Travel insurance
- Accomodation on Budget Hotels & Guesthouses enroute on BB Basis
- Cold drinks alcoholic beverages,
- Lunch & dinner
- Nepal Re- entry visa,
- Tips for guide, porters, driver.
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