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Hello Tsetan,

We would like to give a compliment to our guide Kunckok and the driver Yishey.
We forgot the evaluation form so by this way we would like to let you know that they did a very good job.
The driver was attent and very secure and careful, we felt very safe in the car. Even on the though road to Mount Everest Base Camp.
The Guide was very experienced, spoke good English and was always on time. We very appreciate the acurate help when Suzan has to go to the hospital.
Because of the havy snow we had on the Mountain and we couldn't overnight on the tentcamp we agreed to go to Nepal one day earlier than our scedule.
Many thanks and kind regards,
Suzan van der Linde and Coen van Driel
Tour Code: TWITS-T-20111010
The Netherlands

Hi Tseten,

Happy New Year to you!

Thank you and your team for making our trip to Tibet very enjoyable.

Best wishes
EMAIL:Steven Vaughan <steven.vaughan@me.com>
From 07th Feb to 19th Feb 2012
Duration: 9 days overland tour to Nepal border.

Tibet Mount Everest Tour from Beijing,


We would like to give a compliment to our guide Kunckok and the driver Yishey.
We forgot the evaluation form so by this way we would like to let you know that they did a very good job.
The driver was attent and very secure and careful, we felt very safe in the car. Even on the though road to Mount Everest Base Camp.
The Guide was very experienced, spoke good English and was always on time. We very appreciate the acurate help when Suzan has to go to the hospital.
Many thanks and kind regards,
Suzan van der Linde and Coen van Driel
Tour Code: TWITS-T-20111010
The Netherlands

Tibet Mount Everest Tour from Chengdu,

Tashi Delek Tseten,
  Great  to hear from you,yes, back safely and well.
Thanks for looking after us and letting us choose our route and sites. Gompo, Lob Song and Druja were wonderful people and guides! They were very attentive to all our needs and interests and cared for us beyond duty. 
I have friends who would like to go next year so I will certainly send them your way! Thank you again for dinner on the last night, that was very kind and would have loved to chat with you more.
Thanks again!

Hi Tseten,
Thank you so very much for providing a great service.Everything went very well, as you promised
I recommend your services to others,
Be well,

Tashi delek Tseten,

 we all got safely to our countries (and I still continue to travel). Thank you very much for a wonderful tripI think everything was great, and I am not even sure if I have smth to add except say thank you for all your and your colleagues' efforts.


Tibet Tingri to EBC and Lhasa Tours-2011 September 17 October 01,

Dear Tseten, Namaste!

It was nice meeting you at your office facilities in Lhasa, and to know other Sierra Club members have ventured with you in the past as well. Our trek/tour of Tibet turned out to be the most exciting and rewarding experience ever—exceeding all our expectations. Your careful planning of every detail, and the hard work and dedication of the team members of Tibet Highland Expedition made this possible.

Hotel and lodge accomodations were well coordinated. They were clean and comfortable, and we appreciated the hot lemon tea and warm friendy greetings from all the Tibetan hosts and hostesses. We were amazed by the beautiful Tibetan architecture with their unique window designs, brightly colored interior art, and traditional designs of the hanging “thankas” with glowing red, greens, and yellows. All necessary camping gear and trekking equipment were provided. Menus for breakfast, lunch, and dinner were well thought out, and included plenty of fresh local vegetables for our vegetarian diet. The many historically important monasteries and temples on our itinerary were coordinated to give us the best opportunity to experience the rich religious culture of Tibet. Our trekking days were also well planned to give us relaxing time to explore and take in the beauty and solitude of the Himalaya mountains, and the warm and quiet nature of its people. We discovered the peaceful dignity, and hard work ethics of the farming community. We enjoyed the playful innocence of the children. And, loved the free time you scheduled in for us to casually explore the plazas and stores in Lhasa.

All team members were always friendly, courteous, and professional. We can’t say enough about the multi-talented Dukar tashi. He’s been a tour guide, trek guide, part cook, photographer, translator, and porter during our trip. He is dedicated and hard working. The moment he greeted us at the Tibet/China border, he was kind and thoughful—always opening car and restaurant doors, lending assistence down steep monastery steps, and offering to carry your gear during the Everest Base Camp trek. He was a excellent translator on treks and at restuarants. He even helped prepare lunch and dinner. ”Veggie burger’ was his special menu item. It tasted great—best ever!! He kept us on schedule getting necessary Everest B.C. permits, paying monastery entrance fees, checking flight time and e-tickets. He made sure that we were always comfortable, and checked to see if we had enough water, or food and snacks to eat. And, made sure we were warm—providing wood for evening camp fires. He made sure to provide heavy blankets for the cold temperatures and windy night at Ronbuk Monastery. We were in a internet cafe when we felt the earthquake in Nylam. Concernerd for all of our safety, Dukar tashi immediated urged us out of the building, and into the street where all the people gathered. One man ran through, and shattered the glass window next door—adding to the drama. He also introduced us to many fine places to dine in Lhasa— from the casual local Tibetan tea house to the very exquisite Himalayan Hotel buffet dinner show. We learned a lot about about the religious culture, and people of Tibet. His knowledge of history and developement of Tibetan Buddism, Hinduism, and Sikhism was remarkable. We had the best time of out lives because of his humor, laughter, and trademark smile. He’s a friend and companion—a constant source of fun and entertainment. His singing on long drives throughout Tibet was a joy. We will always cherish the fond memories of Tibet. He made this a wonderful liftime experience.

Our driver Mr. Chuchong Khab was friendly and good natured throughout our tour of Tibet. He displayed excellent driving skills through the very challenging mountain roads—never exceeding the limits of passenger comfort. He made us feel safe and comfortable throughout the journey—always on top of fuel levels and vehicle performance. He was kind and courteous, opened and closed doors with a smile. He helped load and unload baggage and camping gear. We’ll always remember his joy and song!

What could be better than having your own great cook while trekking the the great Himalaya Mountains? Mr. Sonam was not just a great cook during our trek, but a fine friend as well. His wife was expecting a child at any time. We all celebrated the birth of his ”baby girl” as the big moment came at the camp out during our Everest trek. He was the first one up every morning greeting us with a cup of lemon tea or sweet tea, and of course, with his big signature smile. He made fresh bread, eggs or omeletts every morning served with fruit cocktail and juice. For lunch it was delicious hot vegetable noodles or a Tibetan mixed vegetable dish. Hot steamed rice was on each dinner menu with a fried vegetable/fish dish, or specially prepared vegetable momos. We were spoiled, and it all tasted great!!!

Tibet Highland Expedition has truly made our trip a memorable adventure. We’ve discovered the beauty, peace, tranquility, and sacred soul of Tibet. We thank you for every fond memory we have of Tibet! We hope some day soon, we will be able to return and explore its moutain regions and culture, and meet the people once again.


Steve and Chris Hamachi

Huntington Beach, California


Lhasa Forum: Tibet Trip Report and Tour Operator Review for May 2011 ,

http://www.tripadvisor.com/ShowTopic-g294223-i8162-k4833783-Tibet_Trip_Report_ and_ Tour _Operator _Review-Lhasa_Tibet.html#36064081.


Thanks again for a great tour!

 -Peter Tadin (USA Tour Leader) 28Pax

Hi Tibet Highland Expedition,

Dear Admin,Our Visitor P van Laar wants to contact us.His detail information is as follows
Name: P van Laar
Email: pvanlaar@ision.nl
Address: Kerkstraat 28 / 3581 RE - Utrecht- Netherlands
Message: Dear Reader

We would like to say thanks to our guide Mister Druja.
Our experience with Mr. Druja, as our guide on our trip trough Tibet, was terrific. He is excellent in guiding, trustful, knowledge of the country and its inhabitants, excellent knowledge of Buddhism. Knowing the locations and habits from west to east. He was always there when needed, never tired for answering a question. Never intrusive, but always with a humble attitude. What more can a pilgrim ask for?

Thank you Druja for all your care!

Peter and Britt from the Netherlands.
We will highly recommend the Tibet excursion / Tibet Highland expedition to others.

Hi Tseten,

We are already back to our home and talking about your team to our friends that you got a wonderful Tibetan team who take care of travelers very well and delicious Tibetan and Chinese foods,we love it so much and thanks.

J.Annan / Brad L

Hi Tibet Excursion,

We really enjoyed our horse trek with your team and they are very helpful,we will come back again.

Best Regards

Hi Tseten,

Thanking you very much for your help and introduced us your lovely country and culture,we will introduce you and your team to our friends and relatives who are plan to visit.

All the best to you and your great team.

Micheal J.P

Hi Guys,

Tibet Excursion who organized our trip very well and guide and driver are very friendly,we never forget this special trip what we planed around 5 years and every thing was wonderful,this is the right travel company who organize your trip memorable.
Thanking you for our guide Drujal and driver Purya,we hope see you again in future.


Hi Tseten,

Thanks very much for your wonderful suggested new Tibet overland tour,we enjoyed the all trips since 2006 and many people intrested to travel and we will keep touch in future.

Italy Backpackers

Hi Tseten,

Thanks very much for your organization and they enjoyed the trip very much ! Will contact you again when we next have client wishing to visit Tibet - we were certainly happy with your service.


Stuart / One World Tours

Email: stuart@oneworldtours.co.uk

UK Tel : 0800 047 0902
US Tel : 1 800 961 6753
Aus Tel : 1 800 463 098
Can Tel : 1 800 961 6753

Dear Travelers,

On Sun,Feb 14,2010 at 5:55 AM,Brad Carlson  wrote:

Email: experiencetibet@yahoo.com

Tibet Highland Expedition has provided services for all the land arrangements for my three Sierra Club group trips in Tibet. Tseten,the companys general manager,also accompanied our groups in Tibet to provide additional logistical support. All the trips were well executed and the trip members were extremely pleased with their experience in Tibet. Tibet Highland Expedition has provided good, local guides and drivers that have added a personal touch to the trip members experience.I highly recommend their services and local,experienced guides and drivers for your experience of a lifetime in Tibet.



Brad Carlson, Sierra Club International Trip Leader

Dear Tseten,

We have spoken with the clients and they have been very satisfied of your services and of the guide .

We hope to increase the business with you next future.
Warm regards,

Sirdar Travels
Email: sirdar@sirdar.it
Date:21 Aug.2009

Hi Tseten ,

Sorry for the slow reply, it's been kinds busy ever since I got back with friend's overseas wedding,work etc:), but I have to say I greatly enjoyed my trip and yeah I recommended it to people I know,It seems that many Singaporeans are interested in visiting Tibet.
Thanks very much for everything.
Date:24 Sept 2009

Hi Tseten,

You have been organizing many tours for my company since 2004 and everything was fine, always I can recommand your company to everybody,You are reliable,your drivers and guides are good and friendly,You can arrange permits when nobody else can... We will continue working together in the future.I wish you good luck with your company.

Ymkje Tours
Walenburgerplein 51
3039 AL Rotterdam
Email: yrepko@yahoo.com

The Netherlands

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