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If the people who were living on this earth could able to share a little love to other people then there is no unhappiness, if there is no unhappiness on this earth then this world is full of peace and happiness.

Tibet Highland Expedition sponsored for those young Child who are Muteness and Deafness since 10th of March 2010,our aim is those young child could get some kind of education and change their life sytle or suffering from the economic and difficulties in their way to life,for example,buy food,clothe,medicine treatment,pen,pencil,note books and other necessary expenses as per their needed,Because of those young child who couldn't go to school help  them to get education as a normal child,by the way,we are trying to looking for supporters who could share their warm love and compassion to those young children,woke up from darkness and ocean of suffering,they are all from different parts of Tibet and now they opned a massage centre at Gannan Hotel room No 413 and Tibet Highland Expedition woned this hotel with sponsored them.


* Kalsang Tashi was born in Amdo Qinghai provence and Tongren county,finished his middle school in Qinghai,during his childhood was crazy with music and learned many musics by himself,also joined many competations during his school life and practiced his singing altitude at many night club or Nangmas (Tibetan Traditional night club),as well as he got some many prizes from the different computing science in Tibet and China,at that time his life is full of happiness and hopes.

After his mother past away couple years back,his eyes can't see day by day and became a blind person,then he came to Lhasa and joined the "blind school'' in Lhasa and studied the blind letters in 2005,then again joined the Lhasa university's music class under supported by some goodhearted people and learned the music around 2007.

From 2010,he got some blind friends and thought to open a blind massage centre somewhere near Bharkor and met the Tibet Highland Expedition's manager Mr.Tseten and under their support,they got to open this blind massage centre at Gannan hotel and also recorded his won VCD which is called "A SPIRITUAL SOUND FROM A TIBETAN BLIND" and the main song is my Human-life, Missing and The light among the black tent, many more.

* Pengba was born in

* Tsering Yudhon

* A Dhon

* Tash Dhondhup

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We Sponsored