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Can I travel to Tibet by myself?
No, according to Chinese immigration rules and regulations, individual travel to Tibet is not allowed. You need to join a group and we can help you to make your travel permit and visa for Tibet.

What is the best time to visit Tibet?
The best time to travel to Tibet is between May and October.The weather during this time is pleasant,sunny and mild,also we organize the winter trips as well.

Do I need a guide when I go to Tibet from Nepal?
The Chinese government requires that all travelers be accompanied by a tour guide at all times to take care of travel's safety.

Could you give me some advice on clothing when traveling in Tibet?
Temperature differs dramatically between day time and night. Lhasa, the capital city, could have a temperature during daytime of around 10-25 centrigade, but at night, temperature may plummet to 0 centigrade or lower. You are advised to bring thick, warm jackets when traveling to Tibet. The roads are very dusty so you may also wear dark colored clothing.

What's the standard of food in Tibet?
Tourism in Tibet is still in its infancy stage; therefore the quality of restaurants will not be as high as in other parts of China. In Lhasa, Shigatse, and Lhatse you will have varieties of western food but in other parts of Tibet Tibetan/ Nepalese food are the main cuisines. However, the restaurants are usually clean even if they are basic in remote or far away from major cities/ towns.

Is custom tailoring possible in Tibet?
Yes, you can design your own tour with our help to meet your unique interests. Let us assist you to tailor make your own Tibet experience.

What are the hotels like in Tibet?
The number of 5 star hotels in major cities of Lhasa, Shigatse and Gyantse is limited. These hotels have central heating which is used in winter but no cooling is available in summer.

The Chinese government prohibited individual travelers to visit Tibet from Nepal with individual visa and the Chinese embassy will only issue visas to travelers on organized group tours.
In addition to the visa,it is necessary to obtain an alien's travel permit for travel in Tibet.

We will obtain your visa and travel permit for Tibet,for this you must be in possession of a valid passport.

The following information is needed for making your reservation before 12 days for the central Tibet trip,25days for Mount Kailash and East Tibet trip.

If you entry to Tibet (Lhasa) from Mainland China than Chinese visa copy is required when you book the trip.

*First Name
*Middle name
*Passport Number
*Date Of Issue
*Place Of Issue
*Date Of Expiry
*Date Of Birth
*Tour Itinerary with date (Entry and Exit)

How do we obtain a permit for you from Mainland China?
All Tibet travel permits are issued at the Tibet Travel Bureau in Lhasa.Foreigners can not directly obtain a travel permit through this office.Only travel agencies in China can obtain these permits.
In order for a permit to be issued, you must have a fully booked tour for the duration of your stay inside of the Tibet Autonomous Region.This includes:

*Permit for Lhasa and additional permits for travel outside of Lhasa
*Itinerary for all days in Lhasa and surrounding areas
*Registered guide
*Registered car and driver for any trips outside of Lhasa
*All accommodations must also be booked at approved foreign tourist hotels
*Proof of travel leaving the Tibet Autonomous Region

Below is a list of our pre-planned trips in Lhasa and the surrounding area. If you would like to do something different let us know and we will do our best to arrange a custom trip for you.

Who is eligible for a permit through us?
If you have a tourist visa, F visa,or Z visa we can process permits for you. X, F, and Z visas require proof of study or work in China. Please obtain a stamped letter from your employer or school stating your position.Your student ID or Chinese work permit are not enough.

We cannot process permits for:
*Press Agents
*Tibetan expatriates
*Anyone involved in organizations or activities that would disrupt the peace and prosperity of Tibet.

What we need from you
We will need a color scan of your passport and current Chinese visa. Your Chinese visa must be valid throughout the duration of your stay in Tibet.

We need 10 days to process your permit, so make sure to plan for this.

Note: If you need an visa extenstion it is extremely difficult to receive one in Tibet. You should try and get one before going to Tibet.

Please note what type of visa you have and provide us with any additional information we may need.
*Tourist (L) visa requires no extra documentation.
*Business (Z) visas require that you also send us a copy of your work permit and an official letter from your company.
*(F) visa you also must provide a letter from your company or school with this visa.
*Student (X) visas require that you give proof of your enrollment at your place of study. A letter from your university with the school stamp on it is needed.

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