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TIBET TOUR (Holy Land Tour) - the highest paradise on the earth,or the "land of Snow" sits at an ethereal average altitude around 4000mtrs above sea level.

Wilderness, sacred, ancient, soul in peace, this largely undiscovered land is illuminated by countless Buddhist Monasteries and Temples surrounded by the magnificent Himalayan ranges including the world's highest Peak, Mount. Everest.After centuries of virtual isolation from the rest of the world,Tibet has now cautiously opened up,with international travelers first permitted entry 30 years ago, A Tour to Tibet is a marvelous experience,an adventure that will provide you with an unforgettable memories for the rest of your life.

 There are exciting options for entering Tibet.One option is the one-hour flight from Kathmandu to Lhasa during which you will see the snowy, sparkling,high Himalayas,and a stunning ariel view of Mt.Everest itself as well as other peaks, Mt.Cho Oyu,Mt.Makalu,Mt.Lhotse etc.

After passing over the mountains,the scenery changes dramatically to the barren Tibetan plateau and then flew over the biggest or longest river,Yarlong Tsanpo in Tibetan (Bharmaputtra) and Tibetan frist monastery which is named "Samye monastery",before you land at Gonggar Airport (3650m) situated 63kms from Lhasa.

Another exciting option,just opened since 1 July 2006,is the new Qinghai Tibet Railroad.Taking almost 49hrs to complete its journey from Chengdu or Beijing to Lhasa,this railway is a breathtaking journey taking you through nomadic pastures over 5000m in altitude,brilliant turquoise sacred lakes,and views of mountain peaks in the background.

The friendship highway,the 800km drive from the Nepal border to Lhasa,is also a stunning excursion,going through many mountain passes,and offering an unsurpassable panorama of cultural and scenic diversity.In Lhasa itself,just some of the highlights are the Buddhist monasteries of Ganden,Drepung and Sera,once the three largest Gelukpa 'Yellow hat' monasteries in Tibet,the Jokhang,Tibet's holiest pilgrimage central,and the palaces of H.H Dalai lama,the Norbulingka or the Summer Palace,and the Potala Palace.

We offer a range of itineraries designed to introduce the unique culture,and history of Tibet as well as its exciting landscape in as convenient and comfortable way as possible.The itineraries listed here can be used as models in order to give you an idea of the range of possibilities, times,and costs involved with coming to Tibet, Kashgar,China and Nepal.We encourage you to vary these trips or discuss entirely new itineraries with us and we will warmly welcome you.

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