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Booking Terms And Conditions


Booking must be made at least 15 day prior along with a deposit of 50% payment of trip cost. The balance must be paid once arrive in Lhasa,here is our bank  and western union details.

Bank of China ( Tibet branch):
Bank address: NO 28 bank Linkuo West Road Lhasa
A/C NO: 138802544950
FULL NAME: Lhamo Tseten
Bank Swift Code: BKCHCNBJ
Mobile: + 86 -13308906661 / 13989084288

Bank Account:138800002587
Receiver Company Name: 西藏国际职工旅行社  (Tibet Worker's Int.L Travels)

By Western Union:

FULL NAME: Lhamo Tseten

ID NUMEMBER: 623027197510020010

Mobile No: + 86 -13308906661

Before 15 days No Charge
10 days 10% of the payment will be charged.
less than 7 days 15% of the payment will be charged.
less than 48 No refund will be made.
No refunds are available once the trip is lunched and delayed or aborted because of factors beyond the control of Tibet Highland Expedition or its agents,such as political disturbance,natural disaster or others.
Additional cost necessitated by such delays, accidents or cancellations will be the travelers liability.
Tibet Highland Expedition,its agents or associates shall not be held responsible or liable of any damages,Please remember you travel at your own risk.

All travelers' visiting Tibet are strongly recommended to provide for their own trip insurance from their own home country that adequately covers for medical,emergency rescue expenses,trip cancellations or any other eventual mishaps.

Anything within the plan or itinerary,TIBET HIGHLAND EXPEDITION will take the responsibility of providing sage and sound service,If their any change to the itinerary, flight delay or train delay owing to factors beyond its control,such as bad weather, natural disasters, etc.Tibet Highland Expedition bears no responsibility.

Owing to special conditions in Tibet,we reserve the right to change itineraries.Tibet Highland Expedition will help those who unfortunately fall ill or die when traveling in china, but it is not the responsibility of Tibet Highland Expedition.

In any case,vehicle broken down and driver or guide can't lead the trip on time to delayed the trip,then Tibet Highland Expedition will cover all expenses during the tour.

Tibet Highland Expedition will buy travel insurance for the passengers,If anything unexpected happens,such as traffic accident,or natural disaster,Tibet Highland Expedition will help the indemnity of the injured passengers to get the support from the China People's Insurance Company or Insurance company from your country.

To IMPROVE the service quality,Tibet Highland Expedition has set up a service quality supervisor, telephone No. + 86 - 13308906661 if you have a complaint,please contact the general manager of Tibet Highland Expedition directly or each trip got suggestion & comments from with your tour guide,We sincerely hope that everyone of you will have a Wonderful trip in Tibet.

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